Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Delmon Young Situation

This story was written by Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times in today's edition, and it brings up a very intriguing situation.

First off, what are the Devil Rays thinking? What logical reasons are there as to why Delmon Young isn't currently on the Tampa Bay major league roster...? One day after being selected as Baseball America's 2005 Minor League Player of the year, an award previously won by the likes of Derek Jeter, Andruw Jones, Frank Thomas, & Manny Ramirez, Delmon Young absolutely blasted Chuck Lamar and the Tampa Bay organization.

"I did the best I could," Young said. "Tampa's going nowhere this year. They could at least call up guys that are going to be there in the future."

He also mentioned that "as soon as he gets his time up there, he'll bounce right out of there." To me, this sounds like a very disgruntled and frustrated young man, and rightfully so. You can call Delmon Young selfish for making comments like the one above, but he is 100% correct in his acquisitions of the Tampa Bay organization. The only legit reason that the D-Rays could be looking at is saving money, but even that is a little far fetched. Young has been touted as the best prospect in all of baseball, so why isn't he up with the big club? It's obvious that he is big league ready, it's just a matter of when he'll get a chance. Young hit .336 with 20 HR's, 71 RBI's, and 25 stolen bases in 84 games for Montgomery, and won the Southern League MVP despite being promoted to AAA in mid July.

Chuck Lamar was quoted saying that "by sometime next season believe that he will begin to establish himself as an outstanding major league player." Why wait till next year Chuck? In my opinion, and obviously Young's, next year is now. Next year has been the current year for the D-Rays for quite some time now.

Tampa Bay is cheap and Lamar obviously has no idea as to when a prospect is "big league ready." The D-Rays currently have two of the top prospects in all of baseball in Young and B.J. Upton, but they'd rather guys like Julio Lugo, and Damon Hollins holding down positions on the big league roster.

For the sake of baseball, let's atleast hope Delmon Young isn't dawning pinstripes in 6 years.

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